Sep 18, 2015 cli Release of 1.1.0


Setup completion:


v1.1.0 - 18/06/2015

  • [Feature - CLI] Setup Bash and ZSH completion thanks to codegangsta/cli helpers #127
  • [Feature - CLI] Add -r/–remote flag to specify a GIT remote instead of an app name #89
  • [Feature - CLI] Add -r/–remote flag to the create subcommand to specify an alternative git remote name (default is scalingo) #129
  • [Feature - Log] Add -F/–filter flag to filter log output by container types #118
  • [Bugfix - Run] Fix parsing of environment variables (flag -e) #119
  • [Bugfix - Mongo Console] Do not try to connect to the oplog user anymore (when enabled) #117
  • [Bugfix - Logs] Stream is cut with an ‘invalid JSON’ error, fixed by increasing the buffer size #135
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Error when the connection to the database failed, a panic could happen