Nov 16, 2016 cli Release of 1.4.0



v1.4.0 - 02/05/2016

  • [Feature] Add timeline and user-timeline to display per are of user-global activities #235
  • [Feature] Add list, remove and add commands for notifications
  • [Feature] Add deployments command to get the a deployments list for an application #222 #234
  • [Feature] Add deployment-logs command to get logs for a specific deployment
  • [Feature] Add deployment-follow command to follow the deployment stream for an application
  • [Feature - Login] Automatically try SSH with ssh-agent if available #262
  • [Feature - Create] –buildpack flag to specify a custom buildpack
  • [Fix] Fix error handling when an addon fails to get provisioned #252
  • [Fix] Fix error display when an application doesn’t have any log available #249
  • [Fix] Fix error display when connection to the SSH server fails #242
  • [Fix - Windows] Password typing error on windows (ReadConsoleInput error) #237
  • [Fix] Login command logs twice #258
  • [Fix - MacOS Sierra] Build with go 1.7, fulle compatible with Sierra