Aug 22, 2017 cli Release of 1.6.0



  • [Mongo Console Add replicaset support to correctly connect to them #306
  • [Notifiers] Add Notifiers related commands #303 #301 #297 #296:
     notifiers          List your notifiers
     notifiers-details  Show details of your notifiers
     notifiers-add      Add a notifier for your application
     notifiers-update   Update a notifier
     notifiers-remove   Remove an existing notifier from your app
  • [Notifications] Feature removed, replaced by notifiers, all the notifications have been migrated to notifiers #307
  • [Internals] Migrate to original urfave/cli instead of using our own fork of the library #290
  • [Update] Add timeout in update checking to avoid the CLI to freeze when GitHub is down for instance #274
  • [Auth] When authentication file is corrupted, recreate a new one instead of crashing #283
  • [Logs-archive] Logs archives are now listable and downloadable from the CLI #289
  • [Logs] Lines are now colored according to the source of the line #286